HR Personnel Ltd

Time Management

1/2 Day

Suitability – any employee who has trouble managing and prioritising their time to achieve their goals whether that be finishing work projects on time spending more time with family and friends or doing something by themselves that they enjoy.

Time is the most important and valuable resource we have are you putting it to good use? Do you wish your working /personal life had more balance? If you answer NO to the following question “If I continue as I am today doing the same things in the same way will I achieve what I want?” then you would benefit from attending this workshop.

Course Content
  • The 80­20­ rule
  • Blocks to time management
  • Overcoming the blocks
  • So what do you do with your day
  • Self evaluation
  • Are you doing what you want?
  • Action plan
  • To do list Scheduling = beats work overload
  • Home and family life