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Handling Disciplinary Grievance Issues

1/2 Day

Employers and employees have different aims expectations and standards, inevitably there is conflict, which can in some situations lead to disciplinary or grievance issues. During this session we show you how to work through these issues in a positive way.

Course Content

Disciplinary dismissal procedure

  • Legal aspects
  • The Manager/Supervisors role
  • Following the procedure
  • Reasonable behaviour during the procedure
  • Dealing with misconduct or incapability
  • Before discipline
  • Preparing for the disciplinary interview
  • Planning the interview
  • The disciplinary meeting and problems that may arise
  • Keeping a record Imposing sanctions
  • End of second meeting
  • The Appeal


Grievance – the procedure

  • Importance of handling a grievance effectively
  • General complaints
  • Harassment claims
  • Grievances about the workplace environment
  • Grievance about workplace treatment
  • Grievances high on feeling, low on content
  • Handling a grievance
  • Keeping a record
  • Appeal