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1/2 Day

Assertiveness means communicating positively and with conviction being heard and recognised.

Being assertive means asking for what you want clearly directly and with confidence. It is more than the words used it’s how you use them the vocal tone and body language you use and using your communications in the most effective way possible.

Course Content
  • Three styles of communicating
    • Non­assertive or the Passive communicator
    • The Assertive communicator
    • The Aggressive communicator
  • Using tools to build up your confidence to have that important conversation
  • Preparing to be assertive
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Getting what you want
  • Asserting yourself nonverbally
  • Asserting yourself in a meeting
  • Dealing with difficult personalities
  • Handling aggressive behaviour
  • Dealing with non­assertive behaviour
  • Image and body language